Friends first
Chez Dominic et Pat, in Beaucet
When Dominic and Patricia come from Belgium to enjoy their house on the heights of Saint-Didier, they are rarely alone. Family and friends are also on the trip. It's because they have a great sense of the tribe, our people from Brussels, and of the party too! All their neighbors know it: they are permanent guests. The art of living in Provence can be shared and what better than a garden to let everyone enjoy it...
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Friends first
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In this village perched facing Mont Ventoux, literally nestled under the church and sheltered from the magnificent facade of a ruined building, Dominic and Pat's house is almost melted into the landscape. At its door, an engraved plaque sets the tone: “Friends first”

Here, everything is dedicated to simplicity and joy, but for the garden, be careful: there's no question of taking the matter lightly!

Working on several floors, magnifying the view of the landscapes of Comtat Venaissin, marking the boundaries of the estate without closing it (here, nothing is enclosed and you go from one garden to another without even noticing it), dealing with a climate that sometimes has very severe winters... not that simple, all things considered.

For Dominic and Patricia, I imagined a garden of contrasts. Both built and wild, clean and smooth, changing with the seasons as well. A controlled and living garden.

A steel plate that emerges from the stones empties a thin curtain of water like a stream that would flow from upstream. A string of cypress trees that stand at attention like sentinels of the estate. Squared flower beds or Erica hedges contain Perovskia herds that explode purple in summer. White rose beds where foraging insects are also at the party...

Stipas that undulate under the Mistral like waves of vegetation and that contrast with olive trees that are strictly carved in molehills...

So many characters gathered in this ideal place. Different but complicit, combined to celebrate nature, celebration and life.

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