Frederic Trifilio
Originally from Arles, Fré́déric Trifilio has been exercising his passion for nearly thirty-five years. After a career in a landscape company, he was called upon, alongside landscape designers Éric Ossart and Arnaud Maurières, to orchestrate the rehabilitation of the Jardin des Colombières in Menton, created in 1920 by the artist Ferdinand Bac and classified as a Historic Monument. He will be in charge of the landscape management of this exceptional property for ten years.

At the same time, he trained in botany, which he is passionate about, teaches at the Lycée d'Aménagements Paysagers in Antibes and chairs the JAM association (Gardeners Around the Mediterranean), a platform for experiences and exchanges that brings together around forty professional members.

In 2006, he created Les Jardins des Arcades in the heart of Provence. A company that brings botanical expertise, knowledge of historical and contemporary gardens but above all creativity and the search for personal and unique results. Then in 2021, La Compagnie des Arcades was born, which will bring together all the talents of the landscape around multidisciplinary projects designed at 360°.

Victoire d'Or du Paysage 2014, in collaboration with James and Helen Basson, in the category of private gardens of less than 500m2, Fré́déric was once again a finalist in the following edition, in 2016, and then again awarded two gold victories, in 2018 and in 2020, with an achievement that you will discover on this site among other “Histoires de Jardins