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gros plan sur la main d'un jardinier

Have you just purchased an abandoned garden? Or has it just been designed and freshly planted?

In any case, you do not have the desire, the expertise, the equipment and even less the time to maintain it yourself...
Arcades Services is made for you!

Sharing the spirit and passion of Frédéric Trifilio, constantly trained in products and actions of excellence, our teams will be committed to taking care of your natural spaces, small or large. Let's study your needs and your budget together. We will offer you a maintenance contract and an intervention schedule.

Important detail: the work provided by Arcades Services falls within the scope of personal assistance services. This offers you a 50% tax deduction on the amounts paid.


Responding to the principles of differentiated management, extensive management is based on more advanced environmental foundations. We suggest that you follow a modern and ecological approach in accordance with today's environmental and economic context:
Water savings, elimination of phytosanitary products (zero-phytosanitary law), free pruning and taking care of plant development) and the use of cultivation aids (biological pest control)

Our teams are trained in phytosanitary diagnostics and in determining the best possible treatments, while promoting the use of biological products. Thus, we manage natural and environmentally friendly gardens.


An essential task for the harmonious development of your garden and the pleasure of your eyes, we are specialists in tree and structure pruning, as well as in all types of hedges, cypresses, olive trees, etc.


Whether mineral or vegetable, the main purpose of mulching is to limit interventions in your fields. This cover limits the regrowth of weeds and facilitates the harvesting of weeds. It maintains humidity and limits watering. Finally, it offers very interesting visual and aesthetic perspectives.

Un jardinier coupant une souche