The old lady and her two gardens
Chez Eric, Jehanne and their children, in Marseille
This old lady, who has been huddled for several centuries in the heart of the big city, Had a crazy charm. The whole family had fallen in love with it. But for these great perfectionists who are Éric and Jehanne, its natural habit, neglected for too long, was definitely not up to par! It was necessary to review its finery. On the face side: find a way to leave cars out of sight, take advantage of a very long space, relax the unsightly shape of the pool... and then what to do, on the contrary, with this small piece of land separated from the rest and so damaged?
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The old lady and her two gardens
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There is no question of letting cars park under the windows of such a distinguished residence: the problem was solved by creating a closed car park at the entrance of the property. As for the feeling of tightness in the garden? The solution was to divide it into 3 distinct spaces and replace its wide rectilinear driveway with a succession of sinuous paths, materialized by wooden steps.

In the foreground, a large circle of grass gives the venerable Olivier the place he deserves, that of master of the place. The angular lines of the pool are softened by the plantings.

At the bottom of the garden, the masonry arbor offers an intimate and shaded space, at the edge of the water.

The back of the house is now dedicated to the vegetable garden, the herb garden and the bright Perovskia beds.

In a Moorish style, the fountain and masonry are covered with zellige, the arbor and the facines are made of steel. Just like the huge mirror expanding the space and giving the place a theatrical and magical atmosphere. In the company of its new occupants, the old house has regained all its vitality and has never looked so beautiful!

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